Five Nights at Freddy's 2 App Reviews

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Night three is so hard when foxy instantly appears in the hall ,other wise AWESOME


This second game is everything you expect in a sequel. This is my personal favorite out of all the four (soon to be five) games in FNaF. Its a lot harder than the first one and a lot different too. My favorite part about this game is the presents on the Custom Night. I felt that was a cool addition. Great game, five stars for sure! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Im in the fandom!!!

Ive loved fnaf for about a year now. The game is so darn fun and I love writing fanfics about it! My favorite character from the second game is either toy Bonnie or the marionette. I might write a review over an idea for a 6th game on sister location when it comes out!!!! Keep making fnaf games!!!

Good game but little glitches

When I play the game and I check the vents and nobodys there. But when I die, its always somebody that has to come from the vents to kill u. Its weird and its happened to me multiple times and that does include mangle on rare occasions cuz shes not on the roof of my office. But dont get me wrong, its a really great game and I really recommend it to anybody that likes fnaf and if u already have it great choice for game.

2nd night

Ugh soooo hard got app today and sounds stayed muted so no phone calls but dang faxy


Scott, I want my money back -_-

Cancerous game

Why do people play this? You are a disgrace Scott I need this series gone NOW undertale is better than this

Repetitive and Boring

This game is the equivalent to a flash game on new grounds and shouldnt cost anything. Youre better off playing the many "clones" as they are pretty much the exact same but free

This is awesome!

Fnaf 2 is definitely one of the most difficult of the games bat at that also one of the most enjoyable the toy animatronics scared me half to death good work Scott .


Awesome but I really wish Scott should make a real fnaf movie


On custom night, you are unable to change the AI of each individual animatronic. The AI number is not shown, but here they are. 20/20/20/20: Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy: all 20 NEW AND SHINY: Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, BB: all 10 DOUBLE TROUBLE: Bonnie, Toy Bonnie: 20 Foxy: 5 NIGHT OF MISFITS: BB, Mangle: 20 Golden Freddy: 10 FOXY FOXY: Foxy, Mangle: 20 LADIES NIGHT: Chica, Toy Chica, Mangle: all 20 FREDDYS CIRCUS: Freddy, Toy Freddy: 20 Foxy, BB, Golden Freddy: all 10 CUPCAKE CHALLENGE: All animatronics set to 5 FAZBEAR FEVER: All animatronics set to 10 GOLDEN FREDDY (10/20): All animatronics set to 20

Fun game rate 5 I wish I could rate it 50000000000000

Chanel got súper scared she screamed really loud when foxy came

Play all fnaf games

So cool Scot but great job on makeing these games so nerve racking and so scary and spine tingling Im relly looking forward for siter locashun

So scary

Read this:Dont try this at home children! One day when me and my friend were playing FNAF 2,she was like,"Lets see what happens when we dont wind up the music box." You can imagine what happens.Two traumatized little girls screaming because the Marionette aka Puppet Master;killed them on Night 4.

My review

First off,this game is awesome!2nd this is better then fnaf 1 lastly,It is SO scary!good job scoot!

Best game ever

This game is clearly amazing as others think its an impossible game well it isnt night 3 is just to easy you cant see them peeking their heads out because the toys are supposed to do that Chica Bonnie Freddy Foxy and Golden Freddy the old versions are supposed to give you a little jump when they are in the office but guess what when they are in the vents the 5th time you pull up the camera and put it down on night 3 one of the oldies will enter the room also every 4th sound BB makes hes in the left vent every time foxy will also not leave the hall until mangle chica etc. have left the hall then you must flash foxy away, Freddy is a mystery though I always will never see his pattern (hint he doesnt have one) so there on night 2+ whenever BB gets in the office there is a chance JJ aka Balloon Girl will be hiding under the desk it is also known that there is a bare endoskeleton somewhere around the pizzeria you will find it at 12am every night in the music box room standing next to the music box with only its arm and leg and ear showing this indicates this is Fredbear you know the giant yellow bear thats Fredbears endoskeleton the same blue eyes the same ears and is larger than the endoskeleton found in fnaf1 the design of Freddy is exactly the same of Fredbear (old Freddy) the face is blocky like Fredbear the eyes are green unlike Fredbear but has a large stomach and has NO bow tie which is seen in fnaf 1 the hat is also missing because Fredbear has the black bow tie and black hat it proves this because Fredbears endoskeleton is found in the left camera vent that is my review for fnaf 2 also be quick because...... There are no doors (foxy jumpscare and see me walk away)

Needs a new update

I like this game but I am stuck on night five I cant beat it because I use most of my battery on foxy usually I have to flash foxy 20 to 30 times before he goes away I have an idea that could fix that maybe there should be 5 or 6 bars of power.

Why do people like this game

I want know if you want to play a good game play Shovel Knight


Very bad game!! Animatronics kill me every time its a waste of $3.00!!

This game scared me too death

Omg this is the most scary game than The scary maze game when I play For the first time I was looking at The camera and then Chica come I swear I couldnt breath that stupid chica scared Me so bad that I fall from my bed And my sister died off laugh

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