Five Nights at Freddy's 2 App Reviews

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Five Nights at Freddys ❤️


Juste P E R F E C T


Jeu génial beaucoup améliorer depuis le 1.(jaime bien old Freddy il est trop beau) :D Jai fini le jeu mais pas la 6 em nuit mais balloon boy est super chiant et Foxy aussi mais super jeu


I played both games and now i cant wait for fnaf 3 for ipad :3

Five nights at freddy .2

Muito medo na noite 3 eu sou um mito na noite 2

Nice game Scott!

Best Game ever 10/10


Es ist soo cooooool!


"Oooohh my gosh" *starts winding up music box* "Dang it, there goes the power. Ugh, I just hope Foxy doesnt come" *LOUD GASP* *THROWS IPAD* "He came!" Now whats really funny is, that really happened! XD

Why is it so hard to surive

K I made it to night 3 1st hour I dye of foxy.bonnie starts moving at 12 am how do I live in this and Scott when can we be the animatronic s also u should be able to get rid of bloo boy by flashing lights and this game gives u creeps

Good game

I love it but please add an update for multiplayer and play as the animatronic


This game is amazing. It works perfectly fine for me but everyone elses keeps on crashing.

Needs a small update

Now that Ive reached the late game, its no longer actual game mechanics that get me killed in this easy game, its the tiny buttons you need to control it. Theyre so small and so close to the bottom of the screen that simply missing the buttons is the only reason I havent beaten everything this game has to offer, an frankly, its frustrating. Not because it exists, but because I know it will never be fixed. Fixing glitches doesnt pay the bills, does it?


It doesnt work because my iPad is so old !


It does not crash for me, its a good game! I finally made it to night 4!

Kinda good

It keeps crashing but if you dont like things to scary than this is a game for you

Awesome game

Lol I have experienced no crashing problems only thing is is that I cant survive night 2 :( love the game though :l and bb wont stay away hes always in the corner of the office (stalker) ):3

Now theres a problem!

Ok so Whenever i get out of camera view and whenever an animatronic is standing right in my face sometimes it wont let me put on my mask right away and i die. I dont know if this is a problem with the game or my iPad.

Doesnt work!!!

I sow many gameplay and i thought: Hey! Why wouldnt i buy it! So i baught it and it doesnt work!!! Keeps loading on night one and then it crash! I want a refund!

Great game for a great franchise

I really love this game! It truly brings out the horror of the franchise and is my favourite game in the series. 5/5, 10/10, 100/100. This game is great! However I am here to help you people too! I keep hearing problems about this game crashing. If you are playing this on Ipad or IPhone, then perform the "press power button and home button and hold until Apple icon appears" tactic. If you do, then once you turn on your IPad/iPhone, start up fnaf 2 and your problems should be fixed! Good luck :D

Its awesome!

Its awesome but when I had it in my iPad it was all glitchy and it kept glitching me out of the game

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